Laser Locker

3. Create Lists

Now it is time to start programming. The first thing we need is to create three lists. One list will be called usernames and will store the usernames of at least three accounts (you get to make them up). Next we will create a parallel list called passwords which stores passwords for each username (again you make them up). Lastly we will create a list called cart that is currently going to be empty. We will fill this cart with items once the user logs in.

The usernames and passwords lists are what we call parallel lists. What that means is that the data in each index value maps to the same data in the same index value. For example the list [“rodgers12”, “hannaCyrus”, “barker”] and the parallel list [“gbpackerfan”, “wreckingball01”, “priceI$right”] means that the username rodgers12 has the password gbpackerfan, and so on.